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Client Testimonials

Elizabeth Monaco, Pembroke Pines

"Classes are more than a workout, and even better than physical therapy. Pilates has changed my body, my posture, my way of walking and sitting. I always think of my core and my breathing. It truly is a way of life!"

Vicki Cramer, Pembroke Pines

" Pilates saved my life. After weightloss surgery, I had no balance. I weighed less, but it did not mean I could step off a curb. Transform gave me confidence as well as agility and helped me believe in myself again. I finally am on the path to having a healthy body."

Jan Carberry, Cooper City

"These women are very professional and knowledgeable. They connect with their clients individually and care about our needs. I had to stop for a few months because of physical issues I was going through. When I returned, I was not able to do all the exercises the exact way they should be done. They helped me adjust and modify my exercise to fit my needs and ability at the time. My body feels strong and toned, and plan to continue forever!"


Syria Saba. Davie

"I have been attending pilates and TRX classes for more than 10 years, the teachers are fantastic, classes are dynamic, and the studio atmosphere is wonderful. I highly recommend them!"


Adita Piedra, Miami Lakes

"I love the classes, I recommend this Pilates studio! I have a knee injury that limited me from high intensity sports or exercises. Christine and Robin have taught me that this is not an excuse to not exercise. I'm seeing results in a safe, yet hard core environment! This place is amazing!! You simply have to try it!!"


Sarah Garman

"Transform Pilates is great because it is a small studio, so you get a lot of individual attention. The classes are never the same, so you are always doing different routines and working your whole body. I have Crohn's disease, so I could not do high-impact exercise. Pilates is perfect for me, and I have really increased my core strength. Robyn and Christine rock!"

Guylaine Dennery, Pembroke Pines

"I lOVE the studio and the results I am seeing! We end the night with: "Keep doing nice things for yourselves", best phrase ever!"


Richard Barough, Plantation

""Robin and Christine are very dedicated to teaching pilates in a friendly and professional manner. They provide an environment where clientele feel the instructors care about teaching proper form to help clients achieve their goals".

Evelyn Ramirez, Davie

"The instructors are knowledgeable, the atmosphere is friendly, inviting, and the personalized attention to form and technique has truly transformed my fitness journey. I feel stronger, more balanced, and motivated after each session. Highly recommend for anyone looking to enhance their well-being through pilates!"


Barbara Valdes, Hollywood

"This is a fantastic studio (always clean and well cared for) with trained and experienced instructors that truly care about your needs. They make you feel like family the minute you walk in and you will always walk out feeling better and stronger. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you will always get the best, most effective workout for your body and mind."


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