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Client Testimonials

Leda Burns, Pembroke Pines 

"I can not begin to thank Transform Pilates for making me long and lean.  Having been diagnosed with Scoliosis I had never been comfortable with exercise until I found Pilates.  Based on my personal experience I would highly recommend TransForm Pilates and in particular the guidance of the instructors Robin and Christine.  Their discipline has given me health, happiness and the figure I've always longed for."


Jennie Lee Vallina, Pembroke Pines

"Love going to my Pilates class. I look forward to each class. Robin and Christine are awesome, and I love how they challenge each person individually and based on their needs! If you haven't tried a class, you must!


Adita Piedra, Miami Lakes

"I love the classes, I recommend this Pilates studio! I have a knee injury that limited me from high intensity sports or exercises. Christine and Robin have taught me that this is not an excuse to not exercise. I'm seeing results in a safe, yet hard core environment! This place is amazing!! You simply have to try it!!"


Sarah Garman

"Transform Pilates is great because it is a small studio, so you get a lot of individualattention. The classes are never the same, so you are always doing different routines and working your whole body. I have Crohn's disease, so I could not do high-impact exercise. Pilates is perfect for me, and I have really increased my core strength. Robyn and Christine rock!"


Carina Brarda Llobet

" I can honestly say that after doing Pilates for the last 4 months or so my aches and pains are all gone! I can sleep through the night without waking up doe to my hip being numb or my shoulders hurting. I have always been an active person and exercised but after having a shoulder injury and my sciatic acting up 2 years ago I was never able to get rid off the pain and heal fully until I started Pilates. (Mind you, I was treated by a chiropractor for 3 months, twice a week) but as soon as I would go back to my regular routine, the pain would come back. However, besides the physical benefits that I have gained form joining TransformPilates, I look forward to attending every class because of the great environment that Robin creates. Her dedication, consistency and super positive attitude makes such a difference and I am very grateful of it. She is an outstanding teacher!! Last, but not least, if you are reading this and are not yet a member of TransformPilates, you are missing out big time!"



Janis McKendry, Davie 

"I was recently introduced to Pilates through Robin at TransForm Pilates.  I now wonder why it took me so long to take the plunge into Pilates as after only five minutes into the class I was hooked!  I love the personal touch at TransfForm Pilates where the instructors can really keep a close eye and make sure we are all in the correct positions at all times.  This is extremely important for me as I suffered a back injury and at first was reluctant to enter into the unknown of Pilates but Robin told me that with the refomers and her guidance I would be able to stretch in a way which would not put pressure on my back and be able to build up my core strength. The exercises are very structured and I certainly feel as if I have had a workout! I love the feeling when I have worked out with Robin, I feel six inches taller and my posture is realy benefiting from the Pilates. I have a group of friends who have also joined me in the journey to make exercise an important part of our lives and we are all having a great time at TransForm Pilates - who knew exercise could be so much fun!!!  Thank you Robin and Christine for all you do!"

Jennifer Whitaker, Davie 

"Dear Robin and Christine I just wanted to let you both know how much Transform Pilates has helped transform my body.  I feel stronger everyday, and really enjoy a workout that does not over stress my body.  Reformer Pilates is amazing, and gives me a satisfying workout in spite of my knee and bone issues!  Your studio is beautiful, and I love all the Pilates toys that you provide.  Thank you!! Thank you!! I look forward to our sessions!"


Patty Vrancik, Davie, Florida

"My first career was as a Ballet Dancer.  When I changed career paths, I struggled to keep up some regular form of exercise.  The more successful I became the less time I had for myself and the things I loved doing for myself.  Over the years, I bounced around trying different classes but did not find anything as rewarding as TransForm Pilates.  Robin has helped me put the purpose back in my life.  It has helped me regain my "Inner Strength" and my "Inner Pace.'"






Transform Pilates

17771 SW 2nd St.

Pembroke Pines, FL  33029



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